Simulfund - Term Sheet & Funding - Venture Capital App

    User Interface Enhancement - Dark-Light Modes - New Security Update *** The new Simulfund app for macOS is now available at a reduced price for limited time ***

      ・Dark | Light modes.
      ・Improvements for iOS 13.
      ・The AES code generated by the term sheet simulator and used to encrypt and save a term sheet can now be displayed.(1)
      ・Check the Synchronization of terms between text and selections runs also with your encrypted term sheets.
      ・Every new encrypted term-sheets can now be exported decrypted as PDFs or TXTs.
      ・Fix UI issues for iPad and iPhone.
      ・Resolves issues for Right to Left Mode.
      ・Reduce energy impact.

(1) Important: This update changes the way a term sheet is encrypted and saved. Your previous encrypted term sheets can be loaded in the system menu of the app (scroll at the bottom of the menu system of the app).

    New Powerful Features and "Term Sheet Simulator Sync"

      ・Seeing the texts about the terms is easier than before with the new widescreen feature.
      ・Selected key terms can be automatically detected and added as text in the Term Sheet Simulator.
      ・All key term selections can be added or synchronized in one action.
      ・If the text of the term sheet information has been imported from another Simulfund app: key terms embedded in the text may be detected and reported in the Term Sheet Simulator to be compared to your own selections.
      ・Previous encrypted texts with AES can be rapidly decrypted and loaded into the Term Sheet Simulator.
      ・Before exporting to PDF or encrypting the entire simulation, the new "sync function" can detect whether your selections are presented and synchronized with the information text of the term sheet.
      ・All key term selections can be added or synchronized in one action.

    Important Security Update and New "Data protection Feature"(1)(2)(3)(4)(5)

      ・To make this application more secure: All your data is now stored locally in protected or encrypted containers.
      ・Whenever the application runs in the background, or not the data protection feature checks to see if the Data Protection Feature is enabled before reloading your data.
      ・All The texts about the terms is now secured in a new protected container with the secure iOS API.
      ・Your calculations of Pie charts and Cap Table are saved in encrypted containers.
      ・Each selection of terms is stored separately in encrypted containers.
      (1) The data can only be read when your device or the Simulfund app is unlocked.
      (2) Your Data* is locked until the Simulfund app or device is unlocked.
      (3) The Data protection feature checks whenever necessary if your saved data can be loaded from their protected containers.
      (4) No third party SDK, no tracking, no ads, no collection of your data and no need to get an account.
      (5) Simulfund is coded with iOS secure APIs and works completely offline.
      (*) it is recommended to export your data before switching devices.

    Others Improvements and UI Optimizations

      ・All term sheet text can be exported or imported quickly into the app menu system.
      ・The data protection signal tells you if something is detected about the security of the app.
      ・You can now insert the currency you need into the Simulfund app menu system.
      ・Resolves issues that affect UI - iPad.
      ・Includes some modifications for iOS 13.

Export or share data as text: The data, incorporating your information, the new capitalization, the pre-money value and the investment amount can be exported as TXT files to iCloud.

    New security features: All the new Term Sheet Simulations and data stored in these containers are encrypted using AES encryption and iOS secure API to further improve privacy. (1) (2)

    Increases performance and UI:

      ・User Interface enhancements, such as interaction alerts and new gestures to navigate.
      ・Resolves issues that affect UI - iPad.
      ・Others UI updates and solves performance issues.
      ・Unlock the app with Touch ID or Face ID is faster.

(1) It is recommended to back up the data before updating to the new encryption features. (2) The passwords are automatically generated and saved encrypted in a secure and private container - the Data, Text and Terms are encrypted in files saved in the app - Each files uses its own secure password.

Night mode: Writing several drafts of your "Term Sheet" at night with your iPad or iPhone is easier than before, thanks to a superb graphic appearance adapted to the night.

Optimizations for OLED screens: iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max users benefit from an advantage when Night Mode is activated: it reduces the energy impact while giving the Simulfund app a new and stunning look.

To activate the Night Mode of the app, go to iOS System preferences - General - Accessibility - Display Accommodations - and Turn on Smart Invert; it is also possible to create a Shortcut with Smart Invert within Accessibility settings.

Introduces minor improvements, fixes issues on iPad with the reminder features of the Term Sheet Simulator and adds new currency symbols: Norway - Krone - kr, Korea - Won - ₩, South Africa - Rand - R.

The Term Sheet Simulator can now generate attractive PDFs incorporating your informations, the new capitalization table, the pre-money value and the investment amount: these PDF documents can be stored and shared via iCloud.

    The privacy and security settings are reinforced:

      - Face ID Usage Description | If you allow it, you can use Face ID to unlock access of the app.
      - Bluetooth Peripheral Usage Description | If you allow it, you can use Air Drop to share your simulations.
      - Siri Usage Description | If you allow it, you can find & launch the appropriate simulators via Siri.
      - The Simulfund app only utilizes the secure APIs available in iOS 12 and does not use external libraries or SDKs.

This update makes additional corrections:

    - Resolves some issues with landscape mode and swipe gestures : detected on iPads and iPhones X series with iOS 12.1.
    - Corrects User Interface issues when the right-to-left view mode is enabled.

Set reminders, create task lists is now possible with Simulfund. You can organize anything you are working on and be alerted in a day or place without sending your location to the app.

Launching Simulfund via the Reminders app or creating to-do lists is a powerful way to achieve your Funding projects.

Improvements for iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPad Pro.

    - Minor improvements for iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPads.

      - Siri & Shortcuts: Calling or Finding the appropriate simulator is faster than ever.
      - CSV Files: Share your calculations as CSV files compatibles with the Numbers spreadsheet.
      - iCloud Drive: Send and organize all your files directly into the Simulfund folder.

    You can now take advantage of the powerful new capabilities in the next releases of the iPhone with Simulfund :

      - Updated to support the new iPhones XR, iPhones XS, iPhones XS Max and iOS 12.
      - Minor improvements for iPhones X and iPads.
      - Fix minor issues.