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Memory helps attention & imagination just as Simulfund will help you on what could be important in vc term sheet


Simulfund provides you with several venture capital simulators specifically developed for early stage funding, whether you are raising equity or investing money in startups, Simulfund will suit you. Ensure that no details are left out and verify that appropriate care is taken in understanding the underlying transaction.


Financing Simulator
Valuation Simulator
Voting R. Simulator

VCt simulators app


The Term Sheet Simulator lets you deal with key aspects of terms that could be relevant in venture capital.

term sheet simulators app


Voting R. Simulator
Valuation Simulator
Investing Simulator

VCt simulators app

ipad leaders simulators app

ipad leaders simulators app

ipad investors simulators app

3D- VC - app

Secure & High Privacy

Uses only the secure iOS APIs, no Tracking, no Ad, access restrictions, AES encryption, offline mode, all data stored locally and never collected.

3D- VC - app

64-Bit & Super Retina

64 bit iOS and Super Retina, Dynamic type, includes animations, night mode and extra landscape features.

3D- VC - app

Export & Share

Swiftly export all your calculations or texts and share them with other compatible services.

3D- VC - app

Organize & Plan

Create terms, task lists, reminders and use : $,R, £, ₺, €,₩, ₽, ¥, ₪, د, ﷼, ₹, S$, R$, CHF, HK$, regardless of your localisation.

Unprecedented VC App

Simulfund is the most spectacular app for Venture Capital Term Sheet Simulations you have ever seen. Designed for startups and investors, it lets you deal with key aspects of terms that could be relevant in early stage funding.

Save more time by taking advantage of technology and key information to make certain that suitable care is taken in understanding the underlying operation.

It offers assorted venture capital simulators:

    - For instance, as an Investor you can simulate, analyse and share several shareholding structures as CSV files: based on the amount invested, the pre-monetary value and the size of the option pool.
    - Or, as a Leader you can evaluate the business by using the percentage of equity to offer, the funding needed, and consider how the stock issuance could affect your ownership interest.
Now, enjoy an unprecedented Term Sheet Simulator:

    - Annotate, compare, imagine cases where preferred or common shares are issued with additional rights.
    - Manage the funding mechanisms, achieve a particular aim and export and share TXT or PDF documents.
Take them anywhere you go for your business needs and because it is a universal app, it will run across all of your iOS devices.

It is secure, works offline, uses only iOS secure APIs, does not collect data, may protect all your important files and provide an authentication system to unlock access.


Category           Finance
Updated            Jun 27, 2019
Version               1.7
Size                    26 MB
Languages         English
Rating                 4 +

Requires iOS 12 or Later, Compatible with iPhones, iPads and iPods as Universal App.

Enjoy: Add Reminders, Task Lists, Export PDF and CSV Files, Landscape Mode For iPhone, Full Wide Screen For iPad, File Protection, AES Encryption, iOS Secure API, Offline Mode, Super Retina, Dynamic type, Night Mode with Smart Invert.

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Staggering Venture Capital Simulators

iPad Pro and iPhone Xs simulators app

Simulfund provides meaningful information for Leaders of Startups and Investors : Instantly get an estimate on the new values of equity ratios or quantify the dilution effect of the funding.

    ■ Export or Send your calculations as CSV files compatibles with the Numbers spreadsheet for iMac or iOS devices.
    ■ Set reminders, create task lists : You can organize anything you are working on and be alerted in a day or place without sending your location to the app.
    ■ With the Term Sheet Simulator, you can create text files and attractive PDFs incorporating your informations, the new capitalization table, the pre-money value and the investment amount.
    ■ Switch Simulfund to the recommended night colors for OLED screens, enable Smart Invert to automatically activate the night mode.
    ■ The Term Sheet Simulations and connected data can be stored encrypted using AES encryption, iOS secure API and Bio ID to further improve privacy.

Groundbreaking Simulators For Startups & Investors
Encrypted Containers with Secure iOS API, Bio ID and AES
Combinations to Associate Terms
Minutes to Plan a Venture Capital Deal

A Stunning Term Sheet Simulator

iPhone Xs  term sheet simulator

Thanks to the Term Sheet Simulator you can create scenarios in seconds that can be customized to fit your needs. : whether the company is issuing preferred shares or common shares, you can briefly conceptualize your strategies. iPad term sheet and pie charts simulator

Take advantage of other features:

    - The data is automatically transferred to the Term Sheet Simulator.
    - Simple interface and animated pie charts.
    - Terms are highlighted based on your current selection.
    - More information is available by simply touching terms.
    - All selections are kept in memory even if the app is closed unintentionally.
    - Set reminders, create task lists and be alerted in a day or place without sending your location to the app.

A Universal Venture Capital App

iPad note pad for term sheet

Annotate and Browse Without Delay

iPhone Xs note pad for term sheet

The Terms Sheet Simulator contains helpful tools:

    - Benefit from a full range of touch gestures to increase your productivity.
    - Annotate, customize conditions or imagine new specific terms.
    - Export all your texts into other compatible services.
    - Take full profit of the menu and search functionality.
    - Quickly find a provision or detect annotations.

Analyse, check or plan several possibilities, the Term Sheet Simulator has a remarkable library:

    - Option Pool & Post Capitalization
    - Condition of Closing
    - Protective Provisions For Preferred Stock
    - Anti-Dilution & Liquidation Preference
    - Redemption Rights
    - Co-Sale Rights
    - Right of First Refusal
    - Right of First Offer
    And Many Other Terms …

Concise Library & Encryption

save encrypted simulations with the term sheet simulator


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Simulfund for Venture Capital Term Sheet Simulations

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